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1099 Independent Contractracting

An independent contractor is a self-employed person or entity contracted to perform work or services for another entity as a non-employee. As a result, independent contractors must manage and pay their own taxes. In addition, an entity that utilizes the services of an independent contractor is not required to provide them with employment benefits, such as health insurance and employer-sponsored retirement accounts that the entity may otherwise provide to its employees.

Benefits of contracting with Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, LLC.

There are many benefits to contracting with Ape's. The information below goes over some of the more popular reasons people choose to join the Ape's team and earn the title A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist.

Flexible Scheduling

As a 1099 Independent Contractor, you are in full control of your schedule. Once trained in the A.P.E.™️ Cleaning Method, you will have the authority to accept/deny work requests as they are presented.

Accident Advantage Insurance

Ape's provides an Accident Advantage Insurance policy, through AFLAC to all fully trained A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialists to assist our contractors in case of a work related accident. Our A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialists will also have the opportunity to obtain a  supplemental insurance plan, if desired.


Ape's has a 30-day training program each candidate must complete before obtaining the A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist title. Training consists of orientation, power point, and practical application with the Owners and other certified A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialists. Training is only complete once the candidate has a minimum 96% success rate against call-backs and complaints. At this point, and after the 30-days, you are eligible for your first promotion to A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist.

Competitive Pay

Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, LLC processes payments on a bi-weekly schedule for completed work per the Specialists pay grade/rate. $13-$20/hr depending on time management, is what can be made working with Ape's.

Pay rate is determined by title and grade. Our three pay grades include A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist Candidate (ACSC), A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist (ACS), and Senior A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist (SACS). Invoice will be required for payment processing.

Employee Discounts

Each ACS and SACS will be issued their own discount code that will grant them 20% off all products store-wide 24/7/365, and services provided by Ape's.

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Training with Ape's

Ape's training program is multi-faceted. If selected to contract with Ape's, there will be a 30-day training period. During this training period, if you have no experience as a 1099 Independent Contractor, you will be trained in basic 1099 I.C. common practices. Topics such as, but not limited to, basic bookkeeping and  invoicing are discussed to aid in your success.

Ape's will also train you in the Air Purification Experience (A.P.E.™️) Cleaning Method. This is a method of cleaning that utilizes modern technology with traditional techniques strategically designed to be a healthier alternative to traditional housekeeping.  Upon successful completion of the program, you can boast the title "A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist."

Interested in training and working with Ape's?

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered:

- Must be able to pass background check
- The website https://www.ark.org/criminal/index.php can be used to obtain a copy of your background check.
- Must be able to pass drug screening and provide the results upon request. - Must have reliable transportation with valid driver's license.
- Will be required to fill out I-9 and provide supporting documentation prior to receiving contract.
- Must be able to maintain, at minimum, General Liability insurance through a company of your choice and provide a copy of the policy to Ape's Housekeeping's Management Team.

Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, LLC trains each  team member in the A.P.E.™️ Cleaning Method. When beginning your journey with Ape's, there is a 30-day training and evaluation period before obtaining the title A.P.E.™️ Clean Specialist.

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