The A.P.E. Clean

     Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, LLC mission is to provide a professional cleaning services with a personal touch that displays attention to detail and exceeds customer expectation. Ape's Housekeeping is veteran owned and operated, keeping family at the forefront. We serve families that take pride in their homes but may lack the time and/or energy to maintain. On top of being a veteran owned business, Ape's offers their signature "Ape Clean" in every cleaning. This is the added value you receive when you trust Ape's to service your home.

     So what is the Ape Clean thing you speak of? How does it work? How can it benefit my home? These are the questions our customers ask when they are first introduced to the Ape (Air Purification Experience) Cleaning method. The air purification vacuums Ape's utilizes are water-bath filtration systems, which uses ONLY water as a filter. This method traps dirt, dust, and allergens in the water instead of releasing them back into the air like a conventional vacuum. This ensures higher air quality and promotes healthier living. Essential oils can also be used during the Ape Cleanings to leave your home looking and feeling refreshed!

     Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, LLC offers the highest quality of cleaning by using the best products, trial and tested. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing their homes are being treated with care and freeing them from the weight of maintaining it all. Whether it be through scheduled, recurring cleanings, or one-time cleanings; Ape's Housekeeping frees up the home owner to accomplish other important endeavors, while helping you maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire.  

Air Purification Experience

Ape's Housekeeping and Cleaning Services is HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved